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    Type of Claim NURSING HOME NEGLIGENCE – Frances Gross was admitted to Heritage Park Nursing Home operated by Horizons/CMS Healthcare Corporation on March 23, 1995. At the time of admission, she was 72 and totally dependent, having suffered three strokes over the past two years and had a small pressure sore on her coccyx. She resided at defendant’s nursing home just 30 days until April 21, 1995.

    During this 30 day time frame Ms. Gross developed the following: 

    1. a massive (11 x 9centimeters) Stage IV decubitus ulcer on her coccyx which penetrated to the bone, was necrotic and infected;
    1. a Stage III pressure sore of the right gluteal fold covered with brown eschar;
    1. hypernatremic dehydration, despite the fact that Ms. Gross’s fluid intake was controlled by staff who were required to hydrate her through a G tube and
    1. weight loss of 21 pounds in 30 days despite the fact that defendant controlled the nutrition Ms. Gross was receiving by providing required feedings through a G tube.

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