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    FACTS & ALLEGATIONS On Sunday, Sept. 28, 1997, plaintiff’s decedent Tranquilino Mendoza, then an 81-year-old dementia sufferer who resided in the general population of Comanche Trail Nursing Center in Big Spring was attacked by his roommate, Geronimo Vela, resulting in serious, disfiguring injuries to his head and face. 

    On behalf of her father, Rosamarie Paradez, sued Comanche Trail owners Summit Care Corp. and Summit Care Texas L.P.; Summit’s regional vice president, Robert Gundling; and nursing home administrator Sylvia Casas, for negligence and, against the two business entities, malice. After Mendoza died of unrelated causes on Dec. 20, 2000, Paradez was appointed administrator of the estate and the caption was restyled accordingly.

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