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    TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY HEALTH SCIENCES CENTER School of Nursing/Continuing Nursing Education
    Strategies for Decreasing Legal Hazards in Long-Term Care
    Presentation on Legal Accountability for Health Care Professionals and Related Documentation Issues
    By David T. Marks
    To educate those in the nursing profession and the allied health fields about conduct (relating to treatment and care of the geriatric patient) which constitutes a “red flag” to the legal profession; places health care professionals at risk; and potentially results in civil, criminal, and administrative, liability.
    Discussion Preview:
    In seeking to accomplish the foregoing objective, the following subjects are examined:
    Part One: An Emerging Trend — Legal Accountability for Maltreatment of the Geriatric Patient:
    Part Two: When Can a Health Care Provider be Held Legally Accountable for 1) His/her Own Acts- or Omissions? 2) The Conduct of Another?
    Part Three: The Failure to Report ElderAbuse/Neglect as the Basis for Liability Part Four: The Clinical Record as a Source of Proof in a Neglect/Abuse Case.

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