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    1. Introduction: 
    2. Objective: 

    To educate those in the nursing profession and the allied health fields about conduct (relating to treatment and care of the geriatric patient) which constitutes a “red flag” to the legal profession; places health care professionals at risk; and potentially results in civil, criminal, and administrative, liability. 

    1. Discussion Preview: 

    In seeking to accomplish the foregoing objective, the following subjects are examined: 

    Part One: An Emerging Trend — Legal Accountability for Maltreatment of the  Geriatric Patient: 

    Part Two: When Can a Health Care Provider be Held Legally Accountable for 1) His/her Own Acts- or Omissions? 2) The Conduct of Another? 

    Part Three: The Failure to Report ElderAbuse/Neglect as the Basis for Liability Part Four: The Clinical Record as a Source of Proof in a Neglect/Abuse Case

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